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Lixindu original special high quality cashmere shole

Oringinal cashmere stole

An item that brings the fulfillment of the heart by the best texture and warmth.

Plain large-format brushed stole made of high-quality cashmere material.
With the luster and smooth touch to cashmere, full (wide and large) size is its glamour.
A collection from popular colors to gorgeous popular colors with a variety of colors.
We recommend whether it is for daily use or as a gift, it can be used for a long time.

Oringinal cashmere stole

A relaxing pastel color
Turquoise (clockwise from lower left)
Sax Blue, Taupe, Camel,
Light gray

A relaxing pastel color

Off-white (clockwise from the bottom of the center)
Black, charcoal gray,
Royal Blue, Navy

Monotone color with a calm impression

Vitamin color to feel warmth
Mustard (clockwise from lower left) orange,
Violet, Pink, Red, Enge

Red stall

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