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In order to find the high-quality cashmere we dream of, we came to Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.
What we met there was the traditional method.
They were farmers grazing cashmere goats.
In Asia, which is rapidly becoming modernized,
We were glad that they brought up the best cashmere ingredients.
The best ingredients are simple, along with the food.
Our cashmere is also the best ingredient.
We want you to taste it simply as it is.
So we decided not to do fancy design anymore,
You can send this simplicity into your wardrobe at will.
But we want to make a wardrobe with a lot of turn.

"Making the best ingredients simple"
"Deliver the best cashmere to your closet"

This is the concept of BEYOND FARM TO CLOSET.

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"BEYOND FARM TO CLOSET" has a model.
Architect Steve, 43 years old.
Interior designer Kate, 41 years old.
They are a couple living in Manhattan.
For cashmere clothing, they also have strict requirement for raw materials.
Because cashmere clothing is an indispensable part of their life.


In their car back to Manhattan from Westchester's second house, they were talking about renovating their homes.
From Friday night to Sunday, they achieved high quality weekend hard work.
Steve's latest favorite is the coffee with roasted beans at the " Cafe integral "coffee shop.
While drinking coffee and driving for a proper distance, it is also a precious time for two people.
To their surprise, the small engine of the new VOLVO V90 is so powerful.
Steve did a good purchase and was alone.
For interior designer Kate, her home was the ultimate lab.
Kate, who likes to invite friends to eat at home, was thinking of a renovation plan to connect the kitchen with the living room.
Steve, who works in architecture, was also willing to take on Kate's challenge.
When it gets a little warmer, they can explore and try the medival modern style they both like.
They decided to go on a research trip to Denmark and Sweden.
It was a trip to stimulate their creativity.
At the begining of the preparation before departure, they made a promise that they would enjoy the activity like a part of the trip.
For the purpose of investigation and research, light knitted clothes are the most convenient because they are easy to move.
What they like recently is "cashmere sweater for spring". That's "air cashmere."
It is light and fluffy, and can be washed by hand, with cashmere unique luster and luxury.
If there is an air cashmere stole in the cold airplane or hotel, there is nothing to worry about.
It can not only matched with denim casual clothes, or slightly decorated clothes, but also can be used for decoration.
It can be said that it is widely used knitwear.
There was no doubt that it is the main character in this trip.
Spring is not far away.

Gift for the buyer

Red Cedar

In order to be able to use cashmere products for a long time, we will present one "Red Cedar" with a natural insect repellent effect to those who purchase products of BEYOND FARM TO CLOSET. When the fragrance weakens, you can use it for a long time by scraping the surface with sandpaper etc.

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